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You can also join  in person, snail mail or by coming to a meeting and see what we are all about.

– On line signup pricing is $80
– Mail and in person is $75

2024 HRSC Membership Application
To join the Hood River Saddle Club via online, please complete this application and sign the liability release with your digital signature. Hit the Apply and Pay for 2024 Membership Dues Cost is $75 membership dues, plus an online fee of $5.00 to cover Credit Card and office processing costs. Online total cost is $80.00 A new application is required from all members each year. (Memberships received Sept through Dec will remain in effect for the following year.)
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Hood River Saddle Club Release of Liability

All ADULT members (18 and over) MUST sign. Adult’s signature covers minor children.


Recognizing there is the potential for an accident wherever horse use is involved, which can cause injuries to horses, riders and spectators, and also recognizing that the Hood River Saddle Club (HRSC), including officers, directors or members, cannot always know the condition of riding surfaces or the experience levels of riders or horses using the HRSC, I do hereby release and hold harmless the above named from any claim or right for damages which might occur to me, my minor children or horses while on HRSC grounds or participating in any HRSC function. By signing below, I further agree to be bound by all Hood River Saddle Club rules, regulations and bylaws

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